Tell me about yourself?


In a job interview, are you prepared to introduce yourself? Sometimes interviewers will begin with a general inquiry like, "Tell me about yourself."

This query is intended to ease any awkwardness and help you feel more at ease during the interview. This and other interview questions about you, though, might be a little nerve-wracking for some people. These questions can be challenging to respond to if you don't enjoy boasting about yourself. But it pays to plan your responses because they're a useful approach for the hiring manager to learn more about your personality.


Never begin to discuss your personal journey or any other activities you participated in while in school when the interviewer asks this question; they are only doing so to assess your communication skills and suitability for the position.


A more understated approach will definitely allow you to build a personal rapport with your interviewer, despite the temptation to list off all of your strongest qualifications for the position.

One strategy for your response is to list a few of your extracurricular activities that have nothing to do with your line of work:

  • Share a hobby that you are really interested in 
  • Activities that demonstrate your intellectual bent include crossword puzzles, mental teasers, and passionate reading
  • Volunteering will show how serious you are and how dedicated you are to the well-being of your neighborhood.

Remember that one of the objectives of this question, similar to "tell me something about yourself that is not on your resume," is to learn more about you outside of your profession, on-the-job attitude, and experience.

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An example for this question has been mentioned below,


"I enjoy going on adventures with my dogs when I'm not working. I take them trekking, to historical sites, or even just for a stroll through the neighborhood. Dogs attract a surprising number of people, and I always like chatting with new folks. One of the most crucial components of my professional life, in my opinion, is communication. One of the ways I've been successful in many scenarios at work is by being able to steer the discussion when speaking with individuals."

What Not to Say about this Question

Unless you are certain that your thoughts would be warmly received by your interviewer, stay away from potentially divisive topics like political or religious beliefs.

Don't discuss a pastime that might seem more significant to you than your job. Nobody wants to hire someone who will frequently be absent from work or who will need a lot of time off to pursue their interests outside of work.

Don't divulge any private details about your family. There is no need to talk about partners, spouses, kids, or any other totally private matters.

The Last

The most common opening question in interviews is "Tell me about yourself." Many recruiters use this question to form their first impressions of the candidates, and how you answer will determine whether that impression is favorable or unfavorable.

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