What are your Strengths & Weaknesses?
The right way to answer this question!

What Are Your Strength & Weaknesses?

My major weakness was this particular question. Jokes aside, the interviewer will ask you this question at some time, and many applicants will stumble because they don't know how to respond.
However, by setting the proper framework, you can respond to hiring managers honestly and thoughtfully, showcasing both your professionalism and self-awareness.

This post will go through five strengths and five weaknesses that every applicant should be aware of before going to an interview.


Ask some of your family and friends, who know you the best, about your strengths if you are unsure, and obtain an honest assessment from a coworker to learn more about your true strengths.

So here are the top 5 strengths you must need to know if you can't find your own strength,

  • Action-oriented
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Patient and
  • Team player

An example of strength has been shown below and can be followed by this

"I never fail to meet deadlines. I'm extremely well-organized, and I've used this trait to my advantage in all facets of my professional life. I've only experienced one late product launch in my seven years as a project manager. I gained a crucial understanding of trade-offs from that encounter, which occurred three years ago. Everything got put on hold while I focused my attention on a critical design requirement. I wouldn't swap the lessons I took away from that event for anything, with communicating impending barriers to stakeholders at the top of the list."

Like the above example, you can make your own strength based on the top 5 strengths mentioned earlier.

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It's best to start with a sincere response and work your way up from there because we all have shortcomings but are loathe to acknowledge them. In addition to attributes, you are actively working to improve, pick an answer that a hiring manager would not deem important for the position.

Get to know about your weakness and if you can't find any, here are the top 5 weaknesses that can be answered in any interview session.

Top 5 weaknesses you can answer in an interview

  • Sensitive
  • Public speaking fear
  • Fully detail-oriented (This can also be a strength)
  • Limited experience in the domain 
  • Procrastination

An example of weakness has shown below 

I have a history of putting things off. Because I was only causing myself stress, I used to think it wasn't such a horrible habit. But a few years ago, when I was employed by XYZ Company, I was involved in a collective project, and I could see how my procrastination caused stress for everyone else. It served as a warning. I stopped the tendency when I started making daily agendas that make me responsible to my team. Although it was challenging at first, embracing the Agile process really revolutionized my workflow and perspective.

This is an example of procrastination and your own weakness can also be added here. If you genuinely feel that you have a weakness then you must definitely add it as a response in the interview session.

At Last

Despite being one of the most hated interview questions, you may construct a unique tale about who you are and where you want to go if you take the time to prepare a thorough response. Turn your flaws into obstacles you've overcome and your strengths into the reasons you're a fantastic fit for the position as you write your responses.

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