Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to register as a recruiter?

 A: Once you submitted the recruiter registration form  open the welcome mail received to submitted mail id and accept the invitation to connect! 

After accepting the invitation reset your password and login with the new credentials to the recruiter dashboard

Q: How to post a job?

 A: Login to your recruiter dashboard, click on post a new job on the side menu fill in the form with your requirements and click submit to post the job

Q: Where to find my recruiter dashboard?

 A: Once registered as a recruiter, login with your credentials and click on your name and select my account to open your recruiter dashboard

Q: How to update my profile and Company profile?

 A: After registering as a recruiter, Login with your credentials click on your name at top and select my company to fill in the company details. And select user details to fill in the recruiter details and click confirm.

Q: Why should I update my recruiter profile?

 A: To view the candidates resumes and to list your job on the website you must have to update your recruiter profile

Q: How will I get to know if a candidate has applied for my job?

 A: The recruiter will receive an email if a candidate has applied for the listed job. Or login to your recruiter dashboard and find the Job applications on side menu where all your applicants are listed. 

Q: Why I cant view the candidates resume?

 A: To view the candidates resumes, you must have to register as a recruiter and get your company/profile verified!